Maps Demonstrating Map-Making Techniques

Elil's Save Code Demo v. 034 (47k) Expansion Only. Demonstrates how to encode all of a hero's information in a text code so that it can be written down and entered into a map the next time it is played.

Elil's Fade Demo v. 006 (24k) Expansion Only. Demonstrates how to apply a fade to the camera of only one chosen player in a multiplayer game.

Elil's Special Effect Tracking Demo v. 006 (37k) Expansion Only. Demonstrates two different ways to keep track of special effects for later destruction, one using local variables and one using custom unit values.

Elil's Area of Effect Demo v. 003(36k) Expansion Only. How to change a single-target ability into an area of effect ability using triggers.

Elil's Leaderboard Demo(21k) Expansion Only. A demonstration of how to make a leaderboard in the Warcraft Expansion Map Editor.

Elil's Phantom Item Demo v. 001(15k) A way to give a hero an item without taking up an item slot. Made obsolete by The Frozen Throne (the "add ability" action).

Elil's Item Drop Demo v. 001(20k)
Two different ways to cause units created through triggers to drop items.

Elil's Import Demo v. 001(22k)
Demonstrates a method for importing files into map in a way that does not cause Editor to delete them on save. The .mdx and .tga files are imported as if they were music. Made obsolete by The Frozen Throne.

Elil's ActionAnd Demo v. 001(26k)
A method to call two actions at once using custom text. Made obsolete by The Frozen Throne.

Elil's Separate Quest Demo v. 001(15k)
A map using custom text to give different players different quests.

Elil's Skybreak Demo v. 004(24k)
A custom item that creates an ultimate-like ability when used.

Elil's Fake Upgrade Demo v. 001(18k)
A way to use custom units and triggers to simulate upgrades.