World Editor FAQ: General
Where can I find tutorials?
How should I name my map?
A: Maps should never overwrite each other, you should be able to tell who made a map, and which version of a map is the newest.
  • Put your name (handle) in it, especially if you are modifying someone else's map. Make sure you give the original author credit if you based your map off of someone else's. This prevents versions by different people overwriting each other.
  • Include a version number, and change the version number every time you host a new version of your map. If you don't, then you risk having your old version overwrite newer versions.
  • Always assume that people will distribute your map. If you really don't want your map released yet then include a trigger that aborts the game if you are not in it.
  • Don't use adjectives like "platinum" because they make it impossible to tell which version is newest.
  • Q:
    How often should I save my map?
    A: As often as you have patience for. If possible, rename your map every time you save it. This makes sure that you always have a backup. It is unlikely that you will permanently corrupt your map, but often if something does go wrong it is easier to start from a backup than to try and fix the problem.
    Why can't I select units? (or trees, terrain, or ground)
    A: You need to be in the appropriate layer. Go to "Layer" and choose the layer you want to work with.
    Why can't I select anything at all?
    A: You need to be using the selection brush. Press space bar to turn the selection brush on and off.
    How do I get the black mask (Fog of War) to work the way I want it to?
    A: Go to "Scenario->Map Description" and check or uncheck "Masked areas are partially visible"
    How do I remove the starting peons and town hall? or How do I make my map "use map settings"?
    A: Warcraft 3 will automatically use the settings on your map. To change those settings go to "Module->Trigger Editor" and delete the actions you don't want. To remove starting peasants, remove the action labeled "Melee Game - Create Starting Units"
    How do I find a unit, item, doodad or destructible doodad to place?
  • Go to "Module->Object Editor".
  • Click on the tab for the type of object you want to place. (gold mines, fountains, and shops are units)
  • Go to "Edit->Find.." (or press ctrl-F), and search for the name of the object you want.
  • Once you find it, right click on the name and choose "Select in Tool Palette".
  • Place your object on the map.
  • Q:
    How do I make creeps using units that belong to a playable race, like Footmen or Huntresses?
    A: Place a unit for any player, then double click on the unit and change its owner to neutral hostile.
    How do I make a creep drop an item?
    A: Double-click the creep, and a menu will come up. Select the "items dropped" panel. From the drop down menu choose "Use Custom Item Table", click "New Set", and then "New Item." Select the item and the chance it should have to drop.
    I just installed The Frozen Throne, but the editor isn't working. How do I get it to work?
    A: Make sure you are using no editor add-ons or custom files. If you have a "Units" or "UI" directory delete or rename it. Make sure you start the editor by running the editor itself and not an add-on like UMSWE. If you have made modifications that cannot be easily undone, you will need to reinstall Warcraft in a new directory. Beta users will need to uninstall the beta before installing The Frozen Throne. If you have used editor modifications before, then your map may not work correctly now. See the "I made a map in Reign of Chaos..." question in the advanced section below.
    How do I force players to choose a certain race?
    A: Go to "Scenario->Force Properties" and check the boxes labeled "Use custom forces" and "Fixed player settings".
    I accidentally deleted the palette, how can I get it back?
    A: Go to "Window->New Palette" and select the palette you want. You will also get a new palette if you switch layers in the "Layer" menu.
    I released my map, and someone copied it and put his name on it! What can I do?
  • Don't worry about it, just be glad that someone liked your map (recommended)
  • Make future versions of your map difficult to edit (not recommended)
  • Put your name in many different places on your map, so that it will remain on your map even if someone changes a few details.
  • Q:
    I haven't even released my map yet, but someone stole it! How?
    A: If two maps share the same name they will look the same to you. You probably both still have the default map name. If you actually start the game you will see that it is not the same map.
    How do I make color text?
    A: In your text enter "|c" (the first character is a vertical bar) followed by your color code, followed by your text, followed by "|r".

    Color codes are standard hexadecimal numbers in the format AARRGGBB. The fist two numbers represent the transparency, since text can never be transparent these two numbers are ignored. Choose the next six numbers based on how much red, green, and blue you want in your text. For example, a color code for pink would be "00ff7777" so you would put in the text "|c00ff7777hihihi!|r".

    You can find a list of color codes here
    How do I change the food limit?
    A: You can change the food limit in "Advanced->Gameplay Constants->Food Limit". The maximum is 300. You can also edit the individual units to give them a different food cost. You can also change the food max (same as food limit) and the food cap (usually based on the number of farms built) for individual players using triggers.
    What are the hotkeys and shortcuts in the editor?
  • Undo - press Ctrl + z (most important hotkey!)
  • You can find all of the hotkeys (and change them) in "File->Configure Controls..."
  • If you are selecting something from a drop down menu, typing a letter will bring you to the first selection starting with that letter. Press tab to switch between drop down menus quickly.
  • If you hold shift and double click on an entry in the object editor, you will be able to edit the raw data directly instead of going through a menu.
  • Q:
    What unit of measurement is used for things like unit range, size, and position?
    A: They don't have a direct real world equivalent, but you can see how they look in game in a few ways.
  • When you turn on the grid (press "g"), the big squares are 512 wide, medium 128, and small 32
  • You can see the coordinates of your cursor with respect to your map in the lower left hand corner.
  • Look at unit ranges. Missile heroes have range 600 and melee heroes (except Tauren Chieftain) have range 100.
  • Q:
    How do I use the "Test Map" feature?
    A: Click on the "Test Map" button on the right side of the menu bar. This will save a copy of your map in "Maps/Test/WorldEditTestMap.w3x", then open Warcraft and run the test map. Go to "File->Preferences...->Test Map" to change Test Map settings, including player name and whether to use a fixed random seed.
    How do I increase the maximum hero level, change global distribution of XP, make heroes gain full XP from creeps, change the amount of damage heavy armor units take from piercing, or make gold mines provide 100 gold per trip?
    A: These are all gameplay constants. Go to "Advanced->Gameplay Constants", click the "Use Custom Gameplay Constants" box, and change the appropriate entry. In most cases if a list has fewer values than you would use, then the last value is used for all additional cases. So to give heroes full XP from creeps, change "Hero XP Gained - Creep Reduction Table" to have one entry, and set that entry to 100.
    Why are the menus not displaying correctly?
    A: There are some known issues with the maximum number of controls that can be created in Windows 98/ME. If you have too many windows/dialogs open in the editor, it can cause controls to stop displaying, and sometimes crashes.
    Editing can be very slow and laggy, how do I speed it up?
  • Go to "Window" and uncheck "Brush List".
  • Make sure you don't have units on top of your start locations.
  • Q:
    Why is starting up the editor so slow?
  • Go to "File->Preferences"
  • Click on the "General" tab.
  • Uncheck "Create a new map on start up"
  • Q:
    I made a map in Reign of Chaos, how can I open it in The Frozen Throne world editor?
    A: If you used no editor add-ons then it should open normally. If you did use add-ons, then you should:
  • Remove any triggers that were not present in the standard editor (you can just convert them to custom text).
  • Remove all imported files (you can re-import them using the import manager in TFT).
  • If you used an add-on to enter icons as strings, then they will be reset and you will need to enter them again.
  • If you edited abilities you will want to either convert your slk file to the TFT format, or redo your abilities using the Object Editor.
  • Q:
    Why can I not open this map in the editor?
  • The creator used functions of a third-party editor (such as UMSWE) that are not available in The Frozen Throne.
  • The creator used triggers supplied by a Frozen Throne editor add-on that you do not have. If you find out what add-on they used, then you can use that add-on yourself to open the map. If you delete all the added triggers, or convert them to custom text, then you can open the map in a normal editor again.
  • The map has been purposefully corrupted so that in will no longer open in the editor (also called protecting or locking). The basis of all locking methods is to corrupt the GUI version of the triggers, the JASS version will always be there. There are other techniques that can make the corruption diffucult to fix.
  • Your World Editor is corrupted. This seldom happens and is usually associated with using editor add-ons. To fix this uninstall and reinstall Warcraft (back up your files first).
  • Q:
    Something happened and I lost my map! How do I recover it?
    A: Load your backup, you should frequently save your map under a new file name in case something like this happens. If you forgot, there are a few other things you can try:
  • If you last tested that map there will be a copy of your map in "Maps/Test/WorldEditTestMap.w3x"
  • If you have played multiplayer with your map then all players will have a copy of your map.
  • You can look inside your map file using an MPQ utility for any files that can be rescued.
  • If you still have a WorldEditTemp directory you can get your raw map files and rebuild your map from that.
  • Q:
    How big can I make my map?
    A: Players can download maps of up to 4 megabytes. Smaller sizes will download faster. Also individual object types are limited:
    Destructibles                                 - 6144
    Doodads (non-destructible)                    - 8192
    Neutral Hostile (all) + Neutral Passive Units -  512
    Neutral Passive Buildings                     -   96
    Player-owned Units                            - 1080
    Player-owned Buildings                        -  600
    Items                                         -  256
    The maximum number of custom objects, per type (per Object Editor tab), is 7776 for maps and 5184 for campaigns (12,960 total).
    How do I use fog?
    A: Use linear fog. The "z start" and "z end" values define how far away from the camera the fog will be applied. You should see the result of changing the "z start" quite readily within the editor (make sure View->Fog Effects is turned on, and that you are zoomed out and/or angled down enough to see for a long distance).
    What are random groups for?
    A: Random groups are used for pre-placed random units. After you place a random unit, open its properties and you can set it to a certain position of a random group.
    What is a 3rd party program or add-on?
    A: "3rd party" refers to editor modifications that were not made by Blizzard.
    What 3rd party files do I need to make a map?
    A: All you need is the standard Frozen Throne world editor. The Frozen Throne world editor does pretty much everything that required 3rd party add-ons in Reign of Chaos. See the "Import/Export" section for exceptions.
    What does the gem in the lower right do?
    A: When the gem is active the death animation will play when you delete a unit.
    Are there map making clans?
    A: Yes.